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Musixxi Converter


Smart audio converter allows to convert audio files into any standard audio formats available on web. MUSIXXI CONVERT - Supports 100 + Live Audio Formats starting from WAV, OGG, SOX, AMR, FLAC, MP3, to RM. Key feature of the app is that it can able to convert multiple files at the same time without losing the original audio quality.What's New:★Now you can convert to Wav, Mp3, Flac, Ogg, Sox in Free Version of the App★Talk-back Support
► Convert Audio With No Compromise in Audio Quality ► Ad Free Version► Free version converts any audio format into Wav, Mp3, Flac, Ogg, Sox ► Upgrade app for 100+ audio formats conversion
Note: Some of the conversion combinations are not compatible. For those compatibility issue the app itself will show you an alert like, "Eg: Sorry!!! flac to aac conversion is not supported. Please try with other formats!"
[Converted files will be auto-organized under the app directory “MusixxiConvert”]
Choose Audio Format for conversion from the available formats.Few information on the mostly used formats:
☆ MP3 , is the most common audio format which helps to free up your phone memory by compressing the audio file size without a major quality loss. This format is supported universally.
☆ WAV, A Lossless Quality of Audio, which carries more detail and occupies a considerable part of memory
☆ AAC, the quality which is immediate successor of Mp3. It achieves a better quality than mp3 at similar bit ratesSuccessor
☆ RM, Real Media format it is designed for online streaming, which carries every detail of audio consuming lesser device memory. Convert 5 MB Music files to less than 1 MB RM file.
☆ OGG, A streaming quality of Audio used for all multimedia files
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